About Us

Our Founder & CEO


Meet Adrina, the Founder and CEO of Scent Si Bon, Inc.  She is a devoted mom of three amazing children, a loving wife, and an accomplished professional in the legal field for over 15 years. 

          With a lifelong passion for niche and designer fragrances, Adrina has created a brand of products to turn your ordinary chores into an extraordinary, luxurious experience. 

      From this passion, Adrina created Scent Si Bon, a company committed to uncompromising quality and aesthetics. Developed with prestigious, fragrance-infused products, her innovative and unmatched unboxing experience surpasses even the most demanding expectations.  Adrina’s appreciation for the finer things inspired her to create everyday products that bring enjoyment, uniqueness, and luxury to everyone’s daily life. 

            Adrina is dedicated to sharing and giving back to those in need. Being passionate about making dreams come true, Scent Si Bon will donate 5% of its net proceeds to humanitarian organizations, such as City of Smile Foundation, part of St. Jude Global Alliance, working to end childhood cancer around the world. 


The Scent Si Bon Mission

“To bring joy through exquisite, luxurious, and unique products, while giving back and making a positive difference!”